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21 Types of Beams in Construction - Structural

Estimated Reading Time 4 mins Simply Supported Beam.It is one of the simplest structural elements that bothFixed Beam.It is supported at both ends and fixed to resist rotation.It is alsoCantilever Beam.If a beam is fixed at one end and set to be free at the other end,Continuous Beam.A continuous beam has more than two supports distributedReinforced Concrete Beams.It is constructed from concrete and reinforcement asSteel Beams.It is constructed from steels and used in several applications.Timber beams.The timber beam is constructed from timber and used in the past.Composite Beams.Composite beams are constructed from two or more differentRectangular beam.This type of beam is widely used in the construction ofT-section beam.This type of beam is mostly constructed monolithically with a

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